Maximum Impact – The Effective Solution

  • Maximum Impact Finds Your Exact Customers.
  • Our Targeted Mailings are Quickly and Accurately Delivered to Your Customers.
  • Your Customers Now Respond to Your Mailing and Your Business Improves! This is Maximum Impact!



FAST: Most mailings sent out next day

ECONOMICAL: Low Cost Mailings, lower postage for MAXimum postage Discounts

EFFECTIVE: The EXACT Location, Location and Location found to hit to get the MAXimum response

Mailings sent out DAILY , not put on “hold” and sent Later.

Reliable and Consistent Same Day, Next Day and 2nd Day Printing available.

We are Central Ohio based and your mail does NOT take a week to arrive from a Continent away. No Shipping costs, or delays for shipping, on printed Items.

ECOMOMICAL: MAXimum Discounts; Central Post Office used for MAXimum discounts, lowest postage rates used for each type of mail piece, as low as 15.3 cents a piece, Non Profit as low as 7.6 cents a piece

MAXimum Response: The correct Location and type of recipient to be sent to get the MAXimum response – find exactly where and who to send to. For your own list we find where your people moved to so they will actually receive your mail

Mailing Services

  • Mailings, next day, same day
  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Magazines, Non Profit, First Class



  • Postcards
  • Jumbo Cards
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Business cards next day, Same Day



  • What to do first
  • Effective combinations,
  • Handouts
  • Advertisements
  • Website ramp up promotion


List Management

  • Accurate addresses for Your list
  • where you customers are
  • where they have moved to


Effective Campaigns

  • Where to get the biggest response
  • Who will get your biggest response
  • Where are people that will start your services and obtain your products


Graphic Design: What will people respond to? 37 years experience in MAXimum response.

Full printing, addressing and mailing as low as 23 cents a piece

Example includes:

10,000 full color cards printed
List of 10,000 addresses
Postage costs to mail 10,000 cards
Cost to address cards and send them out!

Does NOT include the graphic Design.

Discounts for non Profit Printing and Mailing.

Contact us for full details!